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7 Tips for Superior Client Service During the Pandemic

Almost everyone is feeling unprecedented levels of stress in the COVID-19 pandemic, even as some states start to re-open. This makes it more important than ever to pay close attention to clients’ needs: not only will receiving superior service from you help to reduce a client’s stress, the client is likely to remember how well you satisfied their needs the next time the client is looking for someone to handle a matter.

Here are 7 tip for giving superior client service during and after this public health emergency:

  1. LISTEN: Really listen to what your client is saying to you to make sure you understand what the client needs.
  2. FLEXIBILITY: Be as flexible as possible in finding ways to accomplish what the client needs without jeopardizing your organization’s financial well-being.
  3. COMMUNICATION: Provide multiple ways for your clients to contact you.
  4. PROCESS: Examine your organization’s internal processes and remove as many roadblocks as possible to make things easier for the client.
  5. PROCESS COORDINATION: Coordinate your organization’s response to requests for modification of products that are often sold together, if possible, so the client doesn’t have to jump through a different set of hoops to modify each product.
  6. FAULTY ADVERTISING: Don’t let your organization’s communications with clients become marketing pieces that only trumpet how your organization is “best positioned to help” without including something specific that can help the client.
  7. GIVE BACK: Offer free courses (or other free content) to your clients online.

Your clients will remember later how helpful (or unhelpful) you were during the pandemic and this will influence who they give their business to in the future.